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Babyliss MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine Review (2021 Updated)

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Babyliss curling iron ended up being my best “travel-friendly” model due to its ultra-light design. With versatility at heart, the appliance understands best to perform as my hand directs!

And what’s more, this machine comes with user-friendly functionality. I simply open the curl chamber, place a section of hair in it, and the beep notifies me when the hair is ready to release. Impressive results!

It’s time you tried it on your hair!


Babyliss MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine comes with great convenience. It has a warming arrangement that heats fast and saves your time. The uniform heat distribution protects your hair from burning and developing scathes, reducing the risks of hair damage.

The titanium metal construction gives it a polished surface that smoothly glides through the hair.

By doing so, the machine doesn’t dangle but ensures your hair is protected against any potential damage. You can rest assured that the unit is safe for use and will give consistent curls.

Like many home-use curl machines, Babyliss MiraCurl does not require special skills. It has user-friendly functionality and will not demand the help of your professional hairdresser. Overall, this machine will give you your desired curls within the shortest time possible at the comfort of your home!

This modern hair curl machine is technologically advanced to integrate anti-rust coating that makes it durable and long-lasting. After use, pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad, rub over the cool surface of the unplugged machine, and wipe it clean using a water-dampened cloth. Be sure to store the unit in a dry place. Regular maintenance will prevent rust and make it last you a lifetime.

Who Is This Machine For?

Babyliss MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine is designed for anyone looking to buy a curl machine with minimal styling skills. To use, put your hair in the curl chamber and let the machine work its magic. It takes less than a minute to get a subtle curl and some more seconds for a more defined look.

Babyliss MiraCurl is also every woman’s companion. If you’re the kind who changes hairstyles with every occasion, this curl machine will match all your different occasions.

BaBylissPRO ranks as the world’s leading producer of high-quality hair styling tools – MiraCurl Curl Machine is no exception! This aesthetically appealing tool is chosen by barbers, hairdressers, and clients across the world. If you gave up on trying to use curling irons because they left dents in your hair, this unit would restore your faith!

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Main Specs and Features

This curling iron has many different parts. All these features have different functions that contribute to a successful curling process. The specifications help to deliver curl perfection, precision, and performance.

These features include:

1. 4-Timer Settings

This curling iron has 4 timer settings which include 12s, 10s, 8s, and Off. These settings give multiple curling options, letting you apply your preferred curl effects. It will beep every second until the selected timer arrives. And the curl is done when you hear consecutive beeps. Hairstyling made easier!

2. 3 Directional Curl Control Options

Babyliss MiraCurl has 3 directional curl control options: right, left, and alternate. The different options let you create free-flowing or uniform looks. Use the machine to create curls and waves for any hair type. Choose your option and enjoy consistent and efficient hair styling.

3. 3 Heat Settings

Furthermore, you can choose any of the 3 heat settings (375°F, 410°F, and 450°F) to suit your hair type. When you select the 0 heat settings, the machine’s indicator will not beep to advise when to release your hair from the styler. You’ll need to be extra careful with this setting.

4. MaxLife PRO Brushless Motor

The MaxLife PRO brushless motor powers this professional-grade curl machine, and the exclusive nano titanium curl chamber offers a whole new way to elegant curls. By doing so, this motor prevents hair pulling and tangling, giving a smoother hair curling experience.

5. Smart Tech safeguard

Like many hair styling machines, Babyliss MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine comes with an auto shut-off feature that turns it off after some minutes of no use. This feature gives an added peace of mind when you forget to plug off the machine. Other smart-tech safeguard features are the sleep mode and motion sensor.

6. Other Feature

  • Precision curling control.
  • Instant heat-up.
The Good Stuff
  • Suitable for all types of hair.
  • Precision curling control and long life.
  • It creates uniform or free-flowing looks.
  • Best for different curl effects.
  • Guarantees consistent and efficient styling.
The Bad Stuff
  • It may not be suitable with very long hair.
  • Some customers complained of poor packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. How long does it take for a curling iron to cool down?

A. It only takes a few minutes for your curl machine to heat up to high temperatures but takes around forty minutes to cool down.

Q. Are curling irons safe?

A. Curling irons are safe to use until you “overuse” them. Frequent use of the curl machines could cause hair breakage, leaving your hair fried and frizzled. Even though these styling tools will help you achieve elegant looks, they can cause expensive hair damage if misused.

Q. How do I make tight curls with a curling iron?

A. Pass a one-inch section of hair through the iron, and turn the iron halfway down the section. Pull the iron down gently for 10-15 seconds and release the clamp on reaching the strand’s end. Do this for all the other chunks of hair.

Should You Buy It?

Babyliss MiraCurl is an excellent tool for giving your hair that perfect look. It is a great multipurpose tool for sexy, beachy curls and waves, but requires practice.

What’s more, this curling iron is almost foolproof and will give you multiple styling options suitable for any occasion. Unlike many curling machines, Babyliss MiraCurl creates a bit more polished and bouncy curls.

That said, it is evident that the Babyliss MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine is worth buying. There’s never been a better way of taking your hairstyling experience a notch higher!

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