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What Are The Best Blue Hair Dye for Dark Hair? [2020- New Data]

Blue Hair Dye

Generally, looking good essential to our daily lives. Dyeing hair is one of those ways to look outstanding and unique. Blue hair doesn’t have a specific meaning, it’s all about feeling comfortable, being adventurous and free with blue dyed hair.

As a fashion dyeing is done by many people and with different brands of products from totally different companies. Some of these products could be perfect for our hair, some could be carrying toxic and harmful ingredients that can cause allergen effects with our skin hair or scalp.

More so if these products are good for as we need to know how to apply them and at what time to wash them off.

Importance of Blue Hair Dye for Dark Hair

  • Fading effects- it always comes first when you want to go for a hair dyeing product. A good blue hair dye should fade off slowly into gorgeous hues before fading off completely.
  • The hair dye formula is important because it informs the user of how often to apply. And in case the user wants to use it regularly, then they are advised to choose a product that has moisturizing effects to hydrate the hair and the scalp and protect the hair from dryness.
  • Ease of application- If you want to apply the dye on yourself. You could get a color cream instead of a watery dye, to avoid ruining your clothes with lots of stains and to make the whole application process easy.
  • It helps defining one’s identity-blue is unique and obviously not common, no one is born with blue hair. It makes you outstanding from the rest.

What to Consider Before Buying Blue Hair Dye

People get to choose what dye to use on their hair for specific reasons, these reasons may be:

  • The span of the blue hair dye- some hair dye tends to be long-lasting than others which fade off or bleed quickly. Most people would love to experience different shades of hues before the color vanishes.
  • The ingredients used– Some dye may have toxic and harmful components to the user’s hair that may cause dryness or breakages, an experience that will scare users from getting and trying the product on their hair.
  • Value for money- A good blue hair dye should be longer-lasting and should have minimal or no side effects on the user. Protecting them from hair and scalp dryness and moisturizing.

Comparison Chart: Top 5 Blue Hair Dyes for Dark Hair

Image Name Rating Price
Manic Panic View On Amazon
Special Effects SFX View On Amazon
Garnier Nutrisse View On Amazon
Arctic Fox View On Amazon
Joico Intensity View On Amazon

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color

This hair dye leaves a denim-like blue hue, which happens to look attractive to everyone these days.

Its ingredients have no harmful or toxic components, ammonia, paraben, and other toxic components are missing in its ingredients list.

To get the best blue effect of manic panic, the hair should be pre-lightened to blonde or lighter and blow dried before dousing the hair dye.

Highlighted Features

  • Opens up your hair cuticles-allowing the pigments to easily blend into your hair shaft. The cream is easy to spread and doesn’t stain your scalp so much.
  • Spreading the cream evenly on your hair and allowing the color to rest as long as you can. Makes the color long-lasting, shiny and amazingly attractive.
  • It can be used as a toner on freshly bleached hair.
  • With proper hair care, it makes your hair look shinier and healthier. It is a positive effect considering most hair dyes leave your hair dry, rough and lifeless.
  • Its nourishing formula restores the long-long glow of your hair with a rich blend of blue.

I suggest this dyeing hair product to users who are ready to try a new look on their hair, it is effective and leaves your hair flawless and glowing.

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Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye

The high blue pigment concentration in this dye makes the color bright and fade-resistant up to 6 weeks.

When it’s applied properly and aftercare the effects can extend to 9 weeks. You could process the color longer to get full effects.

The texture and formula of the dye make application easy and amazing. It has no toxic and harmful components like ammonia.

Highlighted Features

  • Moisturizing effects- It keeps your hair hydrated and keeps bleaching effects on minimum, leaving the hair shiny and vibrant.
  • It has a thick texture that makes the color appear bight and fade-resistant up to 6 weeks.
  • Toxic and harmful components don’t appear in its ingredient list, making it safe to use. After application, your hair remains smooth and glowing as ever.

I recommend special effects SFX to first-time users for a great feel of blue. It is a great product to start your hair coloring journey.

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Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

It is a nourishing hair color cream with three fruit oils(avocado, shea, and olive) that transform your hair with ultra reflective tones.

With this product, you discover a rich long-lasting color with nourishing color cream.

It takes your beauty to the next level with shiny glowing color.

Highlighted Features

  • Moisturizing, it leaves your hair hydrated and shiny.
  • It has no harmful component present in its ingredients such as ammonia and no ammonia odor.
  • Conditioning effect-the gentle formula makes your hair shinier.
  • processing time is not that long as other hair color products.

I recommend Garnier nutrisse ultra color to customers with love for dark hair, it doesn’t transfer color after use. It has natural oil to help seal in the color after application. It leaves the hair feeling soft and healthier after every use.

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Arctic Fox Hair Color

Its made from vegan ingredients with no animal by-products. It has no toxic and harmful chemical components that can damage hair.

It’s gentle for frequent use, it conditions your hair to restore vibrancy and it has long-lasting color. It’s free from allergy-triggering components.

It works perfectly and moisturizes leaving your hair shinier.

Highlighted Features

  • Long-lasting hue- It has a warm blue color, once applied it can go up to 8 weeks without redoing your hair.
  • Consistency- The color consistency makes it super easy to cover the hair roots without smearing your skin and clothes.
  • Nice appealing smell- It has a strong smell of green apple and has a chemical-free formula that helps to restore natural oil balance.
  • It has no toxic components- Harmful chemical that can cause hair damage such as dryness and itchiness are missing in its ingredients.
  • It has super conditioning for your hair with zero damages.

I suggest this hair care product to users who love bright, bold and fun hair colors, it is vibrant, long-lasting and uses conditioner to nourish hair leaving it soft after application.

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Joico Intensity Semi-permanent Hair Color

It has a distinct sapphire blue shade which can highlight hazel eyes.

It also has a soft smooth feeling it leaves on your hair, so priceless.

It serves as a hair protectant, from dryness to brittleness.

It is packed with moisturizing and restorative elements.

Highlighted Features

  • It has conditioning effects- its gentle formula conditions your hair making it more shiny and appealing.
  • It moisturizes– It is packed with moisturizing and restoring elements that protect your scalp and hair from dryness, itchiness and other chemical effects that are not desirable.
  • It can be used on unbleached, natural light hair and the glow will still be outstanding.
  • It has short processing time– For users who tend to like things being fast, it works perfectly and with great results.
  • Color bleeding is minimal- You can wash your hair multiple times a week without affecting the vibrancy.

I statement Joico intensity hair color as the right hair color that fits with all clients, easy application, the processing is even much quicker and the results are just amazing.

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Final Verdict

Everyone needs to be confident and feel comfortable in their daily lives. White or gray hair kind of reduces people’s confidence. The above hair color products offer the best ways and solutions to deal with such problems.

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