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What Are The Best Professional Hair Color to Cover Gray (2020- Updated)

Best Professional Hair Color to Cover Gray

Gray hair always finds people not ready to accept them. The best way to go with gray hair is natural. today hare care products have plenty of solutions for gray hair.

Dyeing your hair is always one of the obvious choices, however, you have to know what product and brand you will use and choice of color is always a tough decision to make.

Importance of Best Professional Hair Color

Everyone wants their hair to look as natural as possible even with the use of hair color. It is always affected by, hair density and hair texture. However, the hair color is the greater factor of all because it’s the most noticeable feature of your hair.

  • You should learn of the best way to cover gray hair,semi-permanent hair color options deliver non-permanent hair colors that will eventually fade over time. Demi-permanent colors don’t cover the gray so much as they color it. On the other hand, permanent colors gray hair fully delivering more solid and uniform results.
  • Why permanent colors are the best in covering gray. It has variation in the shades making it more efficient and effective.
  • Guiding you in choosing out of the best with other considerations like time of processing, some hair color tends to take more time processing to get brilliant result some take shorter periods with the same incredible outcome

What to Consider Before Buying

Professional Hair Color

  • The hair color should specifically mention gray hair coverage, African American gray hair can be hard to color but some hair color is just made for that purpose.
  • The hair color can be temporary, permanent,semi-permanent or demi-permanent, the user should be able to know what kind of hair color they want and how long they want them to last.
  • The hair color of choice should be close to your hair’s natural color to make it look more real and natural.
  • Brand of the hair color, brands are consistent some may have the right kind of color for a client’s hair, people get recommendations from friends who have at least tried these products.

Comparison Chart: Top 5 Professional Hair Color to Cover Gray

Image Name Rating Price
Pravana Chromasilk View On Amazon
Wella Koleston View On Amazon
Kenra’s permanent View On Amazon
Redken shades View On Amazon
Goldwell Nectaya View On Amazon

Pravana Chromasilk Vivids

It is simple to use with no developer required.

It gives out everything, mix and create endless color palettes. It is suitable for all hair types.

For excellent results an excellent product is needed, this hair color blends perfectly with hair, its long-lasting effects are just incomparable.

Its colors are specifically tailored for each individual and their lifestyle through color choice and placement.

Highlighted Features

  • It gives out an intense color that doesn’t transfer onto other hair strands or in the colors.
  • It is packed ready, no mixing required and it doesn’t contain ammonia.
  • It imparts long-lasting, rich, creative color with brilliant shine.
  • It has a variety of interminable shades to choose from.
  • It offers complete creative control with an infinite color palette.

I recommend vivid to clients who are ready to look more natural and add some creativity to the hair.

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Wella Koleston Perfect Color

It is pure, natural depth and shine from color balancing results.

It has a long-lasting superb gray coverage and intensity and it has reliable color results.

You are less likely to develop allergic reactions from this hair color.

It perfectly blends with hair and doesn’t leave the stain on the scalp so much.

Highlighted Features

  • It is specially formulated to reduce the risk of developing an allergy.
  • It has an intense and vibrant color results from high-quality ingredients.
  • It is thick and with improved mixability that makes the performance to be one of a kind.
  • Guaranteed gray coverage.

I suggest koleston perfect color to clients with gray hair issues, clients can try it for fashion reasons too. It works wonders.

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Kenra’s permanent color 7CG

It was a perfect and incredible blend of color and shine that is fade-resistant.

The color results are just irresistible, it is formulated with specifically balanced color to make it easy to create hair color with specific effects.

It is vibrant and long-lasting with intense shine.

Highlighted Features

  • Full grey coverage.
  • Gentle formula-low ammonia color available in a variety of other tones and with reliable results.
  • Color saturation-the color is well mixed and balanced to naturally blend.
  • Intense shine that is fade-resistant.

I recommend this hair color to clients with grey hair problems. It has full grey coverage.

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Redken shades EQ equalizing

It is a hair color with conditioning effects.

Its formulated with no ammonia.

It’s the absolute best for healthy hair.

It makes your hair vibrant and shiny, formulated with beautiful pigments that help it to easily blend and tone leaving your hair refreshed.

Highlighted Features

  • Doesn’t damage hair, it has a variety of colors to choose from.
  • It doesn’t saturate hair with color and it gives enough color to last until the next application.
  • It has perfect shine, so incredible and irresistible and takes less time to process.
  • Adds shine. your hair will look glossy after application.
  • Color correction hair color-good cover for grey hair and any other type of discoloration or fading.

I suggest this hair color product to clients who don’t need to reapply the hair color on a regular basis.

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Goldwell Nectaya Permanent Hair Color

It has perfect gray coverage, natural smoothness, manageable and shines for an incredible hair feel.

It helps to nurture and it gentle to the hair and scalp, it has caring cream consistency, with no ammonia or ammonia odor for clients comfort, it has natural lovely color results.

It helps to nurture hair color and has no ammonia.

Highlighted Features

  • It has notably healthier hair feeling.
  • Rich saturated color, leaves your hair moisturized.
  • Guaranteed grey coverage up to 100%
  • The flexible mixing of shades allows clients to be creative with the product.

This hair color is perfect and incredible for all hair types, offering different shades to clients. I recommend this product to clients to experience its beauty and shine and to even be creative with the different shades of the color.

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Final Verdict

It is important to have solutions and to have the necessary information to deal with issues like gray hair and how to cover them.it is your best interest to choose the right product that matches your needs. This things make our imperfect world seem perfect even if it’s for a little while.

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