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30 Cute and Easy Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Toddlers (2021)

Take a look at your daughter. See how beautiful she is. Now, imagine a new hairstyle on her head. Won’t it make her more beautiful and even happier? Well, the truth is that satisfaction will always come from cute hairstyles. And your toddler deserves one.

As a mum, you will always want to find a style that suits your toddler. It is a tough call, understandably. But how about if we make things much easier for you? We take a look at 30 of the best natural hairstyles that you should consider having on the head of your daughter. They include the following.


Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

With a Cute Bow
Teeny Weeny Afro & a cute bow hairstyle

This style has grown to be much popular in the recent past. You could also refer to it as TWA. Its glow will only remain if you keep cutting it from time to time.

For this reason, you might want to consider it for a relatively short duration. Perhaps a few days would be enough for her.

But would make this hairstyle stand out? In most cases, you will need the Ecostyler gel that gives you a relatively longlasting hold. It should also guarantee less stiffness. Also, you could get Kinky Curling Custard and Ic Fantasia Argan Oil Pudding.


Afro Puff plus

with a headband

The Afro Puff is relatively akin to TWA. However, you will be sure that this hairstyle will hardly put any pressure on the child’s hair.

A hairband will offer a touch of glam and elegance. And did you know that sticking to this hairstyle for long will help in boosting length retention?

For you to keep her hair glowing, it would be best for you to get TRESemme Botanique moisturizer. Also, TRESemme TRES Two Mega will come in handy in keeping the hair slick. While at it, you might need to get the right styling gel.


Flat Twists plus

Double Puffs
Teeny Weeny Afro & a cute bow hairstyle

Flat twists will always come with two-strand twists. Usually, you will need to consider this style only if your toddler has medium hair. Besides, they will be suited for both relaxed and natural textures.

You could make this style more exciting by getting beads. Further, you could also consider getting the right ponytail for this style. Perhaps, Perfect Ponytailer will do the magic for you.

Buns, Knots, Puffs

One of the best ways to keep your toddler looking beautiful is to consider a bun. Usually, it will involve pulling back the hair from the face. You will often have the taks of deciding between plaited and twisted style.


Triple Mohawk

in various ways

You will hardly resist the elegance that this hairstyle comes with. You could choose to make a single or two braids. Well, it is relatively simple and straightforward for you. Besides, you will be free to use multiple accessories on it.

In most cases, you will need regular cornrow braids such as Fulani. Further, it would be best to pick accessories that match with the hair. Perhaps, printed hairclips will come in handy.


Double Mega Puff

elegance hairstyle

If you are after a hairstyle that will last for a day or two, this would be the most ideal one. It will often be a suitable choice for children who pride themselves in lots of hair.

And did you know that it will take you the least effort and time to make it?Usually, you will need to have a suitable headband for your child. Feel free to explore these hair accessories and decide.


High Puff

Duration: One day

Perhaps you are yet to hear about the high puff hairstyle. Its is the best for those who want to spend enough time styling. Usually, you will be free to style it from day-to-day. But, it would be best for you to consider it for a single day only.

In order to spice up your look, it would be best for you to consider adding a few beads that match your daughter’s dress. You could also get them a satin scarf or maybe a flower.


Afro Puff Plus a side part

Duration: One day.

We have instances that you will need to take a pause from braiding. And Afro Puff will come in handy at this point. It would be a preferable choice for children with lots of hair. On top of that, it would be best if worn for a day only.

Often, you will need a credible hair conditioner and suitable light oil, such as coconut oil. Did you know that adding a hair bow will come in handy?


Type 3 Pony Puff

Duration: Three days. You can re-style mid-week.

Does your child have long hair? Well, this is the most suitable option for you. It is relatively flattering. In most cases, it will last for about three days. Perhaps, restyling it from time to time will be vital.

Well, it would be right for you to get the right ponytail for your child. Perhaps, this option would help.


Mickey Mouse Selfies Puffs

Duration: Up to five days.

How about opting for a style that reminds you of mickey mouse? It usually features two puffs on the sides. Time and again, you will find it treasured to hold these two puffs with hair bows. This style could last for close to a week.

Understandably, you might want to accessorize this hairstyle. Such would be the best time to get a hairband.


Cornrows That Have Puff

Duration: Up to a week. You can re-style the puff so it stays fresh all week.

Getting cornrows coupled up with a puff will often enhance the elegance of your toddler. While you will need to have enough time on your hands to make this hairstyle. In most cases, you will need to braid the front part of the hair and pull the rest back. They will often last for up to a week.

Undoubtedly, you will want to make this hairstyle more appealing. But maybe you should aim at getting hair extensions at this point.


High afro Puff Plus Ankara Headband

Duration:One day

The high afro puff is a hairstyle widely acknowledged for how easy it is to fix. Usually, it will take no more than a few minutes before you get ready. However, it will only be ideal for a day.

In most cases, you will need a bright hairband or Ankara to complement the style. Take all the time to compare which one works best for her dress.


Mega Knots

Duration: Up to a week

This hairstyle will often be suited for either casual or semi-casual events. You will only spend a few minutes bringing this style to fruition. And did you know that it could easily last for up to a week? You will be free to style it from time to time.

Perhaps, adding a few accessories like necklaces will be ideal for a better appeal. You could also consider getting bows that preferably match specific themes.


Cute Double Bun

with a headband

If you are looking for a style that will help in retaining moisture in your toddler’s hair, this is it. You will also find that there will be no hassle whn it comes to fixing it. In most cases, regular styling will ensure that it lasts for up to a week.

Feel free to get some jewelry for your daughter to go with this hairstyle. While at it, it would be best for you to invest in the right styling gel too.


Bantu Knots Quadrants Using Fulani Braids

Double Puffs

Well, there are instances that you will need a hairstyle to prepare your child for the next one. Nothing beats how efficiently Bantu Knots will play this role. Besides, they will come in handy in stretching the hair, and correctly so. Did you know that it could last for up to seven days?

Usually, you will need beads to hang at the end of each strand. Feel free to mix different colors and designs too.


Triple Knots Using Fulani Braids

in various ways

This style will often involve making three knots on the head. Usually, you will have to pull her hair into chunky knots. Then, you can add up to four cornrows. This style will last her for up to a week.

It will often be necessary for you to get genuine Fulani braids. This way, you will be sure of getting better results in the long run. Also, you could consider beads for an extra touch of glam.


Summer Top Knots

elegance hairstyle

Have you tried the summer top knot? More than often, it would be valuable to consider a bigger one. If your daughter has long hair, you will be sure of a bouncy bun. It is relatively versatile and would be suitable for outdoor events.

In your pursuit of making it more appealing, feel free to add a floral hairband. Or would you prefer to get her some new necklaces?


Braided Double Knots

Duration: One day

Nothing beats the elegance that comes with this hairstyle. In most cases, this style will stay for as long as a week.

Usually, you will need to get the right braids for this knot. Perhaps kanekalon hair will step in at this point. Feel free to spruce it up with some jewelry and headbands too.


Knotted Turban

Duration: One day.

Tired of fixing hair from time to time? Well, a turban knot will come in handy for you at least for a day. This option will be ideal for those times when you are in a hurry. It is suitable for both fancy and official occasions.

In most cases, this hairstyle will only be complemented by the right jewelry or shoes. Ensure that you pick the right bangles or necklaces for this purpose.

Cornrows & Beaded Cornrows

These hairstyles will always come in handy for those than want a relatively lasting solution on their head. In most cases, they could go for weeks. They include the following.



Duration: Three days. You can re-style mid-week.

You could also refer to it as a braided mohawk. In most cases, you will need to confirm how healthy the scalp of your daughter is. It is only after this validation that you can proceed with it. This style will last you for around two weeks.

As you look forward to accentuating the beauty of this style, you will need to consider getting impressive hairbands as well as hair rings.


Twists & Beaded Cornrows

Duration: Up to five days.

If your daughter is relatively impatient when getting a new hairstyle, this one would be ideal for her. It will often take a shorter time yet last for up to two weeks.

Usually, you will need to get relatively large beads, as well as colorful hair rings, to make the style more appealing.


Threaded Shuk

Duration: Up to a week. You can re-style the puff so it stays fresh all week.

Feel free to call this style cornrowed buns too. It is not only classy but also features a modern twist. It is usually recommended for children with relatively active hairstyles. You will also learn that it could last for a fortnight.

Usually, you will have to get beautiful hair rings or hairbands to make it more appealing.


Side Sweep cornrows

Duration:One day

Are you looking for something that can stay on your toddler’s head for over ten days? This is your best pick. For as long as you get the right cornrows, you will be good to go.

Such will be the right time for you to consider using hair bows. They will highlight the beauty of this hairstyle.


Wavy Cornrows Plus Beads

Duration: Up to a week

Well, understandably, most children have active hairstyles. And this would be the right style for them. However, it will often require enhanced expertise, and a professional would come in handy. This way, they will ensure that they do not braid her too tight.

Getting beads to hang at the end of the strands will always be a viable position. It will assure you of enhanced beauty.


Cornrows Plus Middle Parts

Duration: One day

Sometimes you will want cornrows to hang at each side of the head, but with a middle part. This is what this hairstyle offers you. It will often last for between 10 and 14 days, depending on the texture of this child’s hair.

From time to time, you will need to get a flowery headgear or even beads to make it look more stylish.


Twisted Double Puffs

elegance hairstyle

If you are after a hairstyle that will offer your child a traditional appeal, the twisted double puff will do this magic. It involves pulling the toddler’s hair into two distinct puffs. This style will last for up to five days.

Maintaining this style is relatively demanding. You will need a curl refresher and conditioning oil. How about you get a few colored headgears?


Side Sweep Interlocking

Duration: One day

This hairstyle has become a favorite for many people. It will often be suitable for children with reasonably long hair. In most cases, it will last for around five days.

Did you know that adding hair rings and beads will often be vital in highlighting their elegance? You could also consider accessories such as bangles.


Mini Plaits with Beads and Rubber Bands

Duration: One day.

Then comes a hairstyle that you can hardly ignore. It is recommended for children whose hair gets frizzy in puffs. This style will remain intact even for a week.

As mentioned in the title, it will often go hand in hand with colorful beads and rubber bands. Take the time to compare what each of them offers and settle on a suitable option.

Extensions & Braids


Box Braids Without Extensions

Duration: Three days. You can re-style mid-week.

Well, this option would often be best for children with medium-length or long hair. You will witness that it is not only versatile but also classic. It can go ahead to last for up to two weeks.

With this hairstyle, you will need to invest in various accessories. You could get jewelry, hair rings, rubber bands, or headwraps. You could also consider hair bows.


Mini Braids With Extensions

Duration: Up to five days.

Undeniably, we have toddlers that ca withstand long periods of braiding. If yours can, adding a few extensions will often come in handy. This extension will be suitable for children with shorter hair. It will guarantee you of three-week longevity.

Unfortunately, these braids could cause irritation. For this reason, you will need to get apple cider vinegar. Further, you will need to get hair rings to make your toddler look more beautiful.


Chunky Box Braids

Duration: Up to a week. You can re-style the puff so it stays fresh all week.

Not everyone is blessed with long hair. And so can be your daughter. This hairstyle will be vital for those with short hair. In most cases, it can last for up to 14 days. Feel free to add some hair extension as well.

In most cases, having the right jewelry will work magic. However, you can also consider getting colorful and impressive rubber hair bands.

Final Word

To sum up, taking care of your child’s hair is an important aspect that you should always prioritize. For as long as you understand the various tips that could help you in this pursuit, you will have nothing to worry about.

Often, you will need to wash this hair with a shampoo that features approximately 4.4 to 5.5 pH. While at it, ensure that the shampoo is natural and rich in antioxidants. Besides, it would be helpful to oil this hair from time to time. It will ensure that the hair remains moist at all times.

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