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How To Dry Hair Quickly Without a Hair Dryer? [New Data- 2020]

Sometimes, it’s not possible to blow dry your hair. Take note, there are ways to get dry hair quickly without heat. First, ask yourself, is there enough time in the morning for routine hair blowing?

If not, invest in a few hair drying towels. Not just a single towel, one or two. If you wash your hair daily, then you might not have time to let a regular towel dry thoroughly. So, stock up on drying turban wraps and microfiber hair drying towels.

Have you ever noticed that very few women and men actually go outside of their homes with wet hair? You’re going to need some hair product if you want to simply allow your hair to air dry. After shampoo and conditioner, use a no-frizz mousse.

Then squeeze out excess moisture and use a microfiber brush. One of the advantages of using a hair dryer like panasonic nanoe is frizz free hair. For summer styles, it’s perfectly acceptable to fake a wave. That’s applying a hair styling gel to wet hair and putting it into two big braids.

When you arrive at your destination, gently finger comb for a way, tousled look.

Short On Time, But Need Dry Hair

We strongly recommend hair towels as the top way to dry hair quickly without blowing it out.

Today, there are towels made specifically for this purpose. There are the microfiber ones, as we mentioned before and specially patented “luxe” towels.

All designed to absorb excess moisture from hair. Short on time, but need quick hair drying? Skip the cotton towels, which strip hair of not only moisture but the added nutrients from the conditioner.

If you have the time, let hair air dry. Especially when you’re running behind schedule, jump-start the drying process. Use a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz hydrating mask at night. If you live in a high humidity climate, let nature do its thing. Wear a style that works as a “wash and go.”

Grab A Micro Towel And Go

Tight on time, doesn’t mean that your hair must stay wet. Grab a micro towel, put in your favorite styling product and do other things, feed the dog, eat breakfast, iron your clothes. By the time you finish your morning chores, you have a head full of dry hair.

Micro Towel works because they are made from fibers that grab the water. Use a microfiber towel, if you wash your hair at night.

It’s not like regular cotton towels, they’re made from cotton microfibers, using what’s known as nanotechnology. After washing, bend over and squeeze out the extra water, then shake your entire head. Apply styling aids, such as mousse or gel, after this.

Then cover with the special reusable micro towel. You’ll never go back to regular towels and blow drying again.

Microfibers are called, “nanotechnology” because they’re finer than hair. Each towel is manufactured with over 2000 “tiny” fibers. These fibers are specially designed to absorb water. The total drying time is somewhere around 30 minutes, perhaps a little more for extremely long or super curly hair.

Keep in mind that using a microfiber towel means no lint, no tangles and no need for rubbing.

Reduces Heat Damage

Before this modern age, we would fry our hair and never once consider the circumstances. Daily blow drying can make your hair dead. If you don’t use a heat protestant and deep conditioning. So one of the biggest benefits to having no time to use the blow dryer is less heat damage.

Just think of that next time you need dry hair, but don’t have the time for a blow dryer and/or diffuser. Blowing drying your hair daily in your teens and 20s will have a devastating effect in your 30s and 40s.

No way are we suggesting that you stop and toss your blow dryer out. But, after a few days per week allowing it to air dry will allow it to strengthen and thicken.

Applying a restorative deep conditioner or hydrating leave-in product, before air drying, with reverse some of the damage from heat. A little grooming crème and some twists, plaits, a few braids or a bun, and you will get a sensational finish. Give your hair a break, by taking in the natural heat of Spring or Summer to air dry.

Simple And Easy

When you need dry hair in a hurry, either grab a microfiber towel or use a vented brush. Remember so many women and men for that matter, get older and wish that they would have used less heat.

Heat isn’t bad, but too often and too much of it and you might end up with lifeless hair, with fragile, brittle strands.

Makes hair dry faster, no matter what your hair type it is, by removing the excess moisture, then putting it up in a chignon, a messy knot or bun. Take it down, for a sophisticated unkempt look. Try braid waves, don’t worry, it’s a real thing. For simple and easy drying, use your hairstyle as a technique.

Small breaks from blow drying will give all hair types a rest. When you’re in a hurry and need your dry, let the air do most of the work. For women who rely on treatments such as chemical relaxers or hair dyes, taking a break from the heat can leave hair in better shape.

Stress less and cut the amount of heat. Heat isn’t the culprit, take an occasional break from heat styling and blow-drying, will allow you to dry hair in less time.

If you need heat to rule naturally curly hair or if your hair is really thick, you can still get it dry fast without a blow dryer. After blotting hair with a microfiber towel, use your preferred leave-in conditioner. Pin your hair up as you get dressed.

Then fluff hair with fingers, after taking it down. This will make it look like you have styled your hair, while it finishes drying. Stressed, dry hair, also requires extra care when skipping the blow dry. Place conditioner or penetrating oil, such as coconut oil or amla oil on the tips.

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