Top 7: Best Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer Reviews -[New Data- 2019]

panasonic hair dryer with nanoe technologyYour hair should no longer bring you down. If your hair dryer is disappointing, it is time to consider a new one. Various models of dryers are on the market.

Many people agree that Panasonic Nanoe brand is the best models on the market today. Purchasing a brand of this model is not going to be simple, because there are several of them on the market.

If you do not make the correct choice, you will be disappointed with the transaction.

A wrong dryer instead of making your hair can mar it.

A good Nanoe dryer is all you need. We know that many women will not find it easy to make that choice.

This Panasonic hair dryer review is to help you make the difference.

If you are looking for the best, you have to read the review to make an informed choice.

Why are hair dryers so important?

  • It does away with individual kinks and prevents hair frizz
  • It can easily manage and style your curly hair, and makes your hair full
  • Your hair will get full body and looks beautiful
  • It does not scrap your hair and helps build hair volume
  • The system also avoids heat damage

What are the Benefits of Panasonic hair dryer?

  • Panasonic hair dryers give your hair volume and makes hair styling possible
  • It can shift airflow to any part of the head you prefer
  • The products makes hair soothing easy and simple
  • It facilitates hair making
  • The product makes it possible to create beach hair as well as bedroom hair and so on

Every woman deserves a hair product that makes her attractive. It can boost your confidence and make you look beyond ordinary. To achieve that purpose, you need a reputable hair product that can make a great difference. If you use the correct hair dryer, it is going to make you great. The solution to your frizz hair is to look for the best name technology dryers. Makers of the product actually want you to look like a goddess. You need the best hair product to stand out from the crowd.
Maria Disa (Beauty Writer)Maria Disa (Beauty Writer)

What to look before buying a Panasonic hair dryer?

Comparison table: Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

Here is the updated list of the best Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer on the market today. Compare the list to make your choice.

Panasonic EH-NA65-K
4.6 x 13 x 10.1 inches 44.8 ounces View On Amazon
Panasonic EH-KA50-V
31.1(L) x 5.0(Max Dia.) cm 14.1 ounces View On Amazon
Panasonic EH-NE48-W
7.7 x 3.1 x 8.3 inches 17.12 ounces View On Amazon
Panasonic EH-NE26-P *AF27*
6.8 x 2.9 x 8.2 inches 15.2 ounces View On Amazon
Panasonic EH-NA97-P
8.2 x 3.5 x 8.8 inches 20.32 ounces View On Amazon
Panasonic Nano-e EH-NA95-RP
3.4 x 8.1 x 9 inches 27.2 ounces View On Amazon
Panasonic EH-NA99-PN
21 x 9 x 22.7 cm 20.31 ounces View On Amazon

Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer

panasonic hair blowerPanasonic hair dryers are ahead on the market because of the revolutionary Nanoe technology that they use.

These models, especially Panasonic EH-NA65-K can make a better curly hair as it can release more moisture to the hair more than similar products out there.

It is better than several others that use ionic technology. It can make a great difference in your hair by adding more volume as well as fluff to it.

Thus, your hair will become fuller than it used to be. In addition to that, your hair will not suffer from frizzing which other products are known for.

Even if there is frizz, it will be much more reduced. In the same way, the issue of damage hair will not be there.

You can achieve the kind of result you want within the shortest time. It can dry your hair fast. This is because it features a fast dry nozzle.

It is only a question of setting its diffuser and nozzle to achieve the expected results.

Moreover, the model features three-speed setting as well as three temperature settings.

There are options available for you whether to set it cool or hot. It can dry fast because of the additional cool feature it contains.

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Whom the product is meant for?

The Panasonic nanocare hair dryer is not expensive and it is better for those confronted with a limited budget. It is cheaper than several other products despite the high-end features.

The heating technology is the most outstanding feature of this product. In addition to that, the product makes less noise and it is considered one of the quietest on the market today.

It is meant for everybody who wants to be attractive.

Highlighted Features

  • It uses Nanoe technology and because of that it can add volume to the hair and minimizes hair damage
  • The product releases 1000 time more moisture to the hair compared to the usual ion hair counterparts
  • Drying is faster because of the fast airflow to the system. The airflow is in two ways
  • You can easily style your hair as you dry and that is because of the superior quality Nanoe attachment


  • It has great visual appeal
  • It is lightweight
  • The product can dry fast
  • It features three attachments


  • It features plastic materials that can fume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I want to know how long it takes to dry hair?
A. It dries hair very fast

 Q. I want to travel with the dryer, is convenient?
A. Yes, it is as it relatively lightweight.

Q. What about the cost?
A. It is good for those on budget.

This is good model, you will be comfortable using it as it dries hairs fast.

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Panasonic KURUKURU Hair Dryer EH-KA50-V Purple

panasonic hair brush dryerThis is plug A type of hair dryer. The product is purple in color, and it is using C2 plug adapter. This is a perfect hair dryer. Many people prefer it because of the performance and drying power.

It can dry faster than similar products and it does not take more than a few minutes to get your hair done.

People of different hairstyles can use this product, but it is more convenient for those with spine and neck problems.

It is good for hair straightening and effective for drying as pointed out earlier. Furthermore, it is lightweight and this makes it easier and simpler to use.

If you are looking for an effective product that can easily dry and curl your hair, this model is good for that.

Furthermore, it has both low and high settings. This means that you can choose your setting preferences.

Many people may think that because of the compactness that it might not be effective. This is far from reality. It is compact and very effective.

It makes the hair to look voluminous and that it is when it is dry. It is better than to use this product than to use a hairbrush and a blow dryer.

The product remains the final solution for hair frizz. However, it is not advisable to use it with sopping wet hair.

This is because it does not have that efficient power to dry soaked hair fast, but it will eventually dry it.

Panasonic blow dryer features an airflow two stage switching. The power consumption is at 700 watts and uses AC 120 or 240V. It works at a warm temperature.

If you want to use this product in the US, it is recommended that you choose the normal setting, which is 100 to 120V. The dryer is convenient and very easy to use.

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Whom the product is meant for?

It is good for every girl who want to appear differently. If your hair is not well represented at the neck and down, you can use this to make changes.

Highlighted Features

  • This model is plug type A and it features additional C-2 plug adapter
  • The airflow process is two stage switching
  • It will always deliver warm temperature at 105C and it can dry very fast
  • If you want to use this product in the US, you have to select 100-120V


  • It can heat fast
  • The model has different settings
  • It features the most advanced technology
  • The brand is lightweight


  • It is not perfect in a wet hair

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q. Can I use it on wet hair?
A. It is not advisable to be used a wet hair because it may not dry fast

 Q. Does it dry fast?
A. Yes, it does because of the advanced setting

 Q. Can I customize the dryer?
A. Yes, you can set it to suit your style

It is certain that this model is great. If you want the best you can try it.

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Panasonic Hair Dryer Ionity White EH-NE48-W

panasonic hair dryer nanoThis is a wonderful product. It can dry hair very fast, and it is good for different kinds of hair.

It is efficient because it operates at a superior voltage of 1200 watts.

The dryer is powerful as you can see from the wattage mentioned above.

It features different temperature settings such as turbo mode setting, warm air temperature setting, dry mode setting, as well as static electricity mode and so on. It is very efficient and a reliable dryer.

Furthermore, this product can dry fast. This is partly because of the heating efficiency. Another thing that can make it to dry fast is because of the quick drying nozzle it is using.

The drying nozzle can be removed.

Most importantly, this model is lightweight. This also makes it user friendly. If you are the type that likes traveling with your dryer, you can rely on this model.

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Whom the product is meant for?

The product is meant for anybody who wants a perfect hair style. If you are in a hurry and do not have all the time to spend in hair styling saloon, you can always consider this model. For those with damaged hair, this model is perfect for them.

Highlighted Features

  • It is compact in design and this makes traveling with it easy
  • Furthermore, it features a quick drying nozzle; your hairs will dry fast
  • The model is efficient and this can be attributed to the power consumption feature.
  • It has different setting modes, and you can customize it to achieve your objectives


  • It straightens and dries very fast
  • The model has different setting modes
  • The power consumption is efficient and that is why it can dry fast
  • It is compact and lightweight


  • The model is a fire hazard in some countries. It is important that you consider the power setting is compatible with your country before you can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q. Does this need a transformer before you can use it?
A. No, it does not need one

 Q. Can I use it in any place?
A. Yes, you can, but you have to check the power configuration to ensure that it does not catch fire

 Q. Is it possible to use it in America?
A. Many Americans use the model

It is certain that this is a perfect model. It is recommended for anybody who wants the best.

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Panasonic hair dryer Ioniti pink EH-NE26-P *AF27*

panasonic hair dryer nano care seriesOne of the latest additions to Panasonic hair care products is the Panasonic Ionitii EH NE26. This model is pink in color. It is perhaps the best from the company as can you can see from their satisfied customers.
This Panasonic ionizer hair dryer has wonderful features that set it apart from several others such as the Nanoe technology. Most recent from the company, the product enjoys the most innovative technology. The dryer dries your fast. You do not have damaged hair in the process, and you do not lose moisture. It also makes your hair sharp after drying them.
The dryer ensures that your hair is always hydrated. Furthermore, it is colorful and beautifully designed. It is certain that the dryer is good in all departments.

The dryer also looks stylish. It is bendable features a pink color. All these make it attractive. The design is good for anybody including the old and the young.

In addition to that, it has other interesting features and specifications. The dimensions of the product is 17.2 cm wide and 7.3 cm depth.

The height of the dryer is 20.8. It is small and Panasonic wants to make it user friendly for travelers and other interested users.

It is therefore a compact dryer. Furthermore, it has three temperature settings from where one can easily select and these include heat setting, moderate setting, as well as cold setting and so on.

You can choose your own setting based on your preferences.

Most importantly, it features a quick drying nozzle and that is why hair will dry fast. It is stated that this model used the most advanced Nanoe technology.

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Whom the product is meant for?

You do not need your whole time in a dryer. This model is for those who want energy efficient dryer. If you want a fast hair dryer, this model is suitable for you.

Highlighted Features

  • It is fast drying nozzle and that is why it can dry very fast
  • Though it can dry fast, this does not mean that it consumes too much power
  • It uses nanoe technology and that is why it does not frizz hair
  • The model is beautiful and colorfully designed


  • Fast hair dryer
  • It ensures less frizzy and shiny hair
  • The product uses the most advanced technology
  • It adds to your hair volume


It can smell plastic burn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q. I am looking for a product that adds volume to my hair, do I get it here?
A. Yes, it can add volume to your hair and it can make it shine as well

 Q. Is the product energy efficiency?
A. The model is energy efficient, even though it can dries very fast

 Q. Is this product compact? 
A. Yes, the model is compact and you can travel with it because of the lightweight.

If you want a perfect solution for your damaged and frizz hair, you can always opt for this.

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Panasonic EH-NA97-P Hair Dryer Nano Care Pink

panasonic hair dryer onlineDo you need superior blow dryer? You can resort to this product.

Use this every day to achieve the shiny hair you deserve. The product features the most wonderful warming component.

It is perfect in drying all kinds of hair including thick hair. It has interesting features that make it the toast of most women.

The model features four special modes and these include the scalp mode, at sixty degrees, and room temperature of 30 degrees.

It also has an intelligent hair mode and this starts from 125 degrees. In the same way, it features the skin and pores modes and finally the warm and cold modes.

The most important feature you will like in this product is the ability to treat some hair problems. It uses mineral treatment in this regard.

The product can make your hair shine and stronger.

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Whom the product is meant for?

This hair model is meant for every woman who wants to achieve a voluminous and perfect hairstyle. If you not want to endlessly in the salon, you can choose this model, as it has different user modes.

Highlighted Features

  • It can dry air very fast within the first 2 minutes and this means that it saves plenty of time
  • The model is compact in design. If you are a traveler, you can always use the model for your travels
  • It works very fast and that is because of the power consumption of 1200 watts
  • The model can be used to treat some hair problems.


  • It has different setting modes
  • It can dry your hairs very fast
  • The model is a very powerful hair dryer
  • It is lightweight


  • Some customers report of poor package when it arrives to them

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q. What type of hair t treatment does the product offer?
A. The dryer can provide double mineral treatment to your hair and it prevent frizzing and hair damage

 Q. How long does it take the product to dry hair?
A. Many users rate the product very high for short drying duration. The time is shorter than most similar

 Q. What of the packaging? Is it traveler friendly?
A. The dryer is compact and if well packaged, you can travel with it because it is lightweight

If you plan to own a superior quality hair dryer, you can start with this model. It is good.

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Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Hair Dryer EH-NA95-RP

panasonic hair dryer priceThis is another wonderful hair dryer from Panasonic. Many people like the product because it can dry hair very fast. In addition to that, it makes hair straight and shiny.

If you have a damaged hair, this product can serve as a solution to the problem.

The body is well finished and very attractive. It makes the dryer healthier and it is the best for those looking for the perfect way to improve their hair.

Because it is very fast, it can save your time. It can take about 10 minutes and you are done with your hair. It works very efficiently and it straightens better than other dryers do.

Because of the efficiency, it can save you up to twenty minutes. It does not only make the hair to be very smooth, it will make it shiny and attractive as well.

Another attractive feature is the clever setting. It has different setting such as skin setting, and scalp mode setting.

These settings are great because you can always achieve the type of hairstyle you want without difficulty.

Most importantly, it is lightweight and easy to carry. If you the type that often travels and who does not like missing this kind of product, then you can opt for this.

The dryer is fold-able. You can easily pack it in your baggage and go about your journey. It is very convenient to carry. Furthermore, this product is multi-functional.

This can achieve different purposes at a time. It is not like those that can achieve just one purpose. It can make your hair smooth and straight.

In the same way, it can easily dry your hair. When you buy this, you discover that it can save you plenty of money.
It is good for different kind of hair.

Whether you have long or thick hair, this model is good for you. It works very fast because of power.

If you have thick hair, the power with which it dries can save you plenty of time and resources.

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Whom the product is meant for?

This product is good for women who want to make a difference in hairstyling. It dries fast and lightweight. It is good for travelers.

Highlighted Features

  • It features 1200 watts motor and this is powerful enough
  • It is composed of Nano ion, and this means that it is designed with negative ion
  • It is lightweight and this makes it easy and convenient to carry about
  • Furthermore, it does away with static electricity; it does not frizz your hair.


  • It is lightweight
  • It dries hair fast
  • The product is very powerful
  • It is easy to use


  • It is not power efficient

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q. I have thick hair, is it good for me?
A. If you have thick hair it is good for you

 Q. Is it fast?
A. You can see from the wattage that it is fast

 Q. Does it consume energy?
At 1200 watts, it is certain that it consumes energy

In all, this model is great. It is good for thick and damaged hair.

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Panasonic hair dryer Nanokea pink gold EH-NA99-PN

panasonic hair dryer reviewIf you are looking for a hair styling tool you can use at home to achieve the same type of salon hairstyling, then you can always consult this product. It is unique as it uses the most advanced Panasonic Nanoe technology.

The product can boast of five heat settings. It equally uses a large ceramic plate and that is why it can be very efficient in heating. It is possible to maintain and style your hair in different ways such as curly, straight, wavy hair and so on.

Furthermore, the model still uses the same nanoe technology, which the company has patented. This technology puts the products ahead of its contemporaries.

Most importantly, the product also uses the most stable heater and this implies a steady application of heat.

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Whom the product is meant for?

This is a great model and it is meant for those who to appear different. If you are always on duty and you do not have all the time in the world for a salon, look for this kind of product. It can become your friendly companion.

Highlighted Features

  • The model features five heat settings and this means that you choose setting that can help you achieve your aims
  • The model also uses the most advanced Nanoe technology and that is why it always heats very fast
  • Furthermore, it features an advanced stable header, and this makes it easy for the flat iron to ensure a constant temperature.
  • It is ergonomically designed. This makes handling easy. The shape ensures that you do not have difficulty using the product.


  • It heats very fast
  • The model is ergonomically designed and that makes for safe and easy handling
  • It features a patented nanoe technology to heat fast
  • The model also features an advanced stable heater


  • Some users complain that product is not durable and that it can stop working after a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q.Can I buy directly from Japan?
A. You can buy from Japan and from other outlets across the globe

 Q. Is this dryer fast, which technology does it use?
A. The dryer is very fast and that is because of the Nanoe technology it is using

 Q. How functional is the product?
A. It is multifunctional as you can see from the various modes

It is certain that this model is great. If you want the best you can try it.

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Final Verdict
Discovering the best Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer is not easy. The best seven of such products are recommended after painstaking research.

These are the best seven, and the choice as to which of the units to use is left for you. You can conduct your own research and make your choice based on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

There is no doubt that these products can suit your needs, but you cannot use all of them at the same time. Buy those you consider to be useful to you.

Remember to share this review information on your social media platforms.

It can help those of your friends finding it hard to make a choice.

Many people will have the chances of benefiting from the information.