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Remington Wet 2 Straight S730a Flat Iron (Review- 2021)

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Remington Wet2Straight

Blow drying and straightening can overheat and dry out your natural hair, leaving you bald after some time. No one wants that!

Fortunately, Wet 2 Straight S730a Flat Iron combines the two procedures into a quick and easy step that keeps your hair healthier and more beautiful. I’d first recommend this appliance to anyone with hair longer than 4 inches.

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Remington S730a Flat Iron gives faster results. It provides uniform heat distribution and seals in moisture. And because the appliance heats up super quick, it only takes minutes to straighten, curl, and eliminate frizz from your hair.

Having the same allows you to style your hair anytime. It is a better alternative to a hair straightener, which often demands the use of numerous chemicals that damage the roots of your hair. Additionally, the flat iron will neither thin nor break the hair strands.

Except for its core purpose of straightening hair, flat irons are also effective in making your hair look gorgeous. Whether you’re interested in creating waves for a casual look or elegant and retro waves for a dinner date, this flat iron will do you good!

At only 1.15 pounds, the flat iron is lightweight and portable. Make it your go-anywhere companion and keep your hair beautiful whenever you are. After using the appliance, clean it with a dry cloth, and store it in a clean place. Proper maintenance makes it last longer.

Other than being a time-effective tool, Remington S730a flat iron is cost-effective. You’ll buy it at an affordable price, but it will give you excellent, professional results.

Who Is This Machine For?

As mentioned, Remington S730a Flat Iron is designed for anyone interested in improving their hair strengthening experience. If you’re sick and tired of your frizzy and unmanageable hair, this beautiful accessory will give your hair a smooth, manageable, and gorgeous look.

Alongside this, S730a would be a handy tool for those looking to grow their hair longer. The unit doesn’t alter your hair’s appearance but gives it a well-defined look. It glides a few inches away from the scalp, leaving only positive effects on the roots.

After testing this product, I’d confidently recommend it to anyone looking to improve their hair strengthening experience. It is faster, pain-free, and doesn’t grip tightly, which is important when straightening hair. Whether you’re working on natural, dyed, bleached, or hair treated with henna, the appliance promises not to damage your hair.

Sandy (Beauty Writer)

Main Specs and Features

The Remington Wet 2 Straight S730a Flat Iron comes with different specs and features that make it work effectively. From unique steam vents, 420°F high heat, 30 heat settings, 1 3/4″ ceramic + titanium plates, it has all it takes to give professional-grade results.

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1. 1 3/4” Ceramic + Titanium Plates

The ceramic + Titanium plates of Remington S730a make it a high-performing tool. They only take 30 seconds to heat up to their highest temperature and distribute the heat uniformly on your scalp. Therefore, the plates will minimize hair moisture loss and heat damage.

2. Steam Vents

Remington S730a has distinctive steam vents that let you remove water from damp hair safely. It allows your hair to dry and style up to 3-times faster than would other flat irons. Furthermore, the unique steam vents will allow you to start styling your hair right out of the shower without drying it first.

3. Salon-Quality Heat

The Remington’s 1 3/4 inch straightener gives a maximum professional-grade heat of 420°F. The constant salon-quality high heat gives you beautiful styles within the shortest time possible. Setting the right heat amount for your hair promises 60% less hair damage.

4. 30 Heat Settings

Remington S730a comes with versatility and convenience at heart! It boasts a range of 30 different temperature settings, which gives you the freedom to choose whatever suits your heat preferences. The temperature setting you’ll choose will depend on whether your hair is dry or damp, its length, and volume.

5. Dry/Wet Styling Indicator

The indicator light shows when heat is best for straightening dry hair (amber light) or wet hair (green light). That means you can use the tool with dry or wet hair. After blow-drying your hair, the green light will turn to amber, helping you know whether you’ve achieved your target results.

6. Other Feature

  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Voltage: 120V
  • 2-year limited warranty
The Good Stuff
  • You can use it with dry or wet hair.
  • It styles up to 3-times faster.
  • It saves you money and time.
  • Allows you to dry and style at the same time.
  • Guarantees 60% less hair damage.
The Bad Stuff
  • It collects dust if not well-stored.
  • It takes very small portions of hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. What factors should I consider when buying a flat Iron?

A. All you have to take into account is the thickness and length of your hair. These qualities are important in knowing the plate size to choose for your flat iron equipment. Longer and thicker hair requires larger plate size and vice versa is true. Smaller flat irons are more appropriate for thinner and shorter hair.

Q. How does this flat iron work?

A. Flat iron dries and straightens hair, helping it have a good luster for many days. It also seals the moisture in your hair and breaks down the positive hydrogen bonds in the cortex, causing your hair to open, bend, and curl.

Q. What happens if you flat iron your hair every day?

A. Straightening your hair every day is dangerous and could cause burning. Burnt hair easily tangles and frizzes.

Should You Buy It?

Whether you have curly hair or you just want to smooth out a chunk of wavy hair, the Remington Wet 2 Straight S730a Flat Iron will help you achieve your preferences. Using it effectively guarantees impressive styling results, but they can damage hair if used improperly.

That said, spending your hard-earned money on S730a is certainly completely worth it! The flat iron will give excellent curls, beautiful beach waves, and straightened hair that will make you stand out.

What are you still waiting for? But the flat iron today and enjoy the immense benefits!

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